Where do apprentices end up?

To gain a better understanding of how ITO trainees progress within the workforce and their careers, we take cohorts of trainees that started each year between 2007 and 2016, and track their primary activity each year after starting training.

Primary activities after starting training

Each year after starting training we track whether apprentices are; still enrolled in training; employed in industries related to training; training at other tertiary organisations; employed in other industries; overseas.

We see a large transition out of ITO training after 3-4 years of starting training as apprentices begin to complete their qualifications. Most apprentices go on to continue to work in industries related to their apprentices and many go on to become self-employed in those industries.

While a significant number of workers leave their sector over time this is to be expected as persons leave overseas, or change careers. The retention of apprentices in their industries we observe is higher than new entrants that do not enter training.

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Between the years of 2007 to 2016 we collect all new apprentices starting training at BCITO, Competenz, or Skills Org. From these apprentices we first determine which program they are enrolled in through NZSCED codes and determine whether they complete their program.

With this cohort we then determine their primary activities each year after starting their apprenticeship. We rank activities in order of:

  1. ITO training
  2. Tertiary study
  3. Polytechnic study
  4. Secondary schooling
  5. Employer
  6. Employee
  7. Beneficiary
  8. Overseas

Where an apprentice still enrolled in ITO training but also employed in a given year will be reported as still in training but not also an employee.

Results are then summarised in counts of apprentices in each activity each year after starting training.

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