Tracking the destinations of apprentices

In the dashboard below we track what apprentices are doing each year after starting their apprenticeship. We can see a steady transition from ITO training into employment and self-employment.

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Each year we gather all new apprentices starting training with BCITO, Competenz, or Skills Org. We track these apprentices through administrative records and determine their primary activity each year after starting their apprenticeship. Activities are ranked in order of:

  1. Apprentice (continued ITO enrollment)
  2. Tertiary student (enrollment with other tertiary organisations)
  3. Employer (business income)
  4. Employee (wages and salaries, full time for at least 3 months)
  5. Overseas (an overseas spell for more than 3 months)
  6. Beneficiary (beneficiary income)

Where an apprentice who is still enrolled in with apprenticeship program with their ITO but also in employment will be recorded only as an apprentice.


Where do apprentices end up?

Most apprentices retain in their respective industries after completing training, with many progressing into self-employment


Where do apprentices arrive from?

Only 12% of apprentices start training the year after finishing secondary school.

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