Source of new apprentices - Aggregated

The workforce was the largest source of trainees for each of the ITO's we follow. Secondary school students were a larger source for BCITO, tertiary students a larger source for Skills Org, and the workforce a larger source for Competenz.

To investigate areas of study in each ITO, right-click on the ITO's bar and select ‘Drill Down’. Areas of training are sorted left to right by the number of trainees.

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For each year from 2007 to 2016 we take all new trainees in the ITO's we follow. From these trainees, we track their primary activity each year prior to starting training within the period of 2007 to 2016. We rank activities in order of:

  1. ITO training
  2. Tertiary study
  3. Polytechnic study
  4. Secondary schooling
  5. Employer (Workforce)
  6. Employee (Workforce)
  7. Beneficiary
  8. Overseas

For this analysis we only report the primary activity in the year prior to starting training. Training is derived from Ministry of Education records checking whether the year prior was within their defined start and end dates. ITO training areas are defined through the qualification details provided by the Ministry of Education.


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Where do apprentices arrive from?

Only 12% of apprentices start training the year after finishing secondary school.


Where do apprentices end up?

Most apprentices retain in their respective industries after completing training, with many progressing into self-employment

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