Training engagement by region

This chart shows a regional breakdown of the percentage of employers engaged with ITO training in each sector.

Note that these counts include employers with 0 employees (which do not exist for multiple regions). An updated version with these employers removed is pending

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The data is sourced from the IDI. Business information comes from the business register, this includes the industry and the region that the business operates in. The number of employees is determined from IRD tax records. An employee of a business in a given tax year is defined as someone who received wage or salary income from that business in that tax year.

Businesses are considered to be engaged with ITOs if they have had an employee start or successfully finish an ITO qualification in the previous five years. 


Access to the anonymised data used in this study was provided by Statistics New Zealand in accordance with security and confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975, and secrecy provisions of the Tax Administration Act 1994. The findings are not Official Statistics. The results in this paper are the work of the authors, not Statistics NZ, and have been confidentialised to protect individuals, households, businesses, and other organisations from identification. Read our full disclaimer here.


Employer training engagement with ITOs

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