Retention with first employer in trade industries by apprenticeship

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We determine the first employer that new workers to a trades industry start working with. Within this employer we determine how many months they continue to work with that employer. We apply additional breakdowns by their age group and whether they start an apprenticeship within the first year of starting work.

Note that the data has been suppressed by StatsNZ randomly rounding counts to base three, explaining why the lines are bumpy and sometimes jump up when they should only ever curve downwards. To counteract this, the lines have been smoothed by a moving average with a window of 5 months.

We have included a variable slider called 'Month threshold' this allows you to limit the starting point of the retention curve to only employees who have been employed at least that many months. For instance, you may be only interested in the retention of employees who make it past the 90 day trial period. To do this you can set the month threshold to 3.


Retention of new workers in trade industries

Older workers and apprentices typically retain longer. Explore just how much by