Construction workforce by territorial authority and source of new workers

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New and returning workers 'source' is defined as the workers primary activity in the year leading up to starting, or returning to work in an industry. Activities are ranked in the order of, Secondary school, Tertiary study, Career changers (work in other industries), Migrants (holding work or student visa), Returning kiwi (lived overseas for at least 6 months in the last year), Beneficiary (any beneficiary income). Such that an individual who worked in another industry and received beneficiary payments in the last year will only be recorded once and as a career changer.

Our workforce is defined as the number of individuals who work full time in an industry for at least three months in a calendar year. These individuals are then linked to the region they spend the most time living in during that year.

Existing workforce are individuals who worked in the same industry the previous calendar year. New entrants are workers in their first year working in that industry. Returning workers are workers who have some work experience in the industry, but were not working in the industry the previous year.


Construction workforce demographics

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