Construction workforce by territorial authority and ethnicity

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Ethnicity is taken from StatsNZ's sourced ranked list (which takes individuals census result first, in the absence of the census result it takes the next most reliable government source of ethnicity) and is summarized down into one ethnicity in the order of Maori, Pacific, Asian, MELAA, European, Other. Such that an individual identifying as both Maori and European will only be counted once as Maori.

Our workforce is defined as the number of individuals who work full time in an industry for at least three months in a calendar year. These individuals are then linked to the region they spend the most time living in during that year.

Existing workforce are individuals who worked in the same industry the previous calendar year. New entrants are workers in their first year working in that industry. Returning workers are workers who have some work experience in the industry, but were not working in the industry the previous year.


Construction workforce demographics

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