Choropleth map of businesses and employees in the trades

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Maturity is calculated as the number of years in business in the ten years prior to the specific year.

We identify business from IRD records and calculate the number of employees each business employees based on individual IRD taxs records attached to each business.

Employees are required to earn at least 3 months of wages above a minimum wage equivalent of working 40 hours a week in each month.


Access to the data used in this study was provided by Stats NZ under conditions designed to give effect to the security and confidentiality provisions of the Data and Statistics Act 2022. The results presented in this study are the work of the author, not Stats NZ or individual data suppliers.

These results are not official statistics. They have been created for research purposes from the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) which is carefully managed by Stats NZ. For more information about the IDI please visit

The results are based in part on tax data supplied by Inland Revenue to Stats NZ under the Tax Administration Act 1994 for statistical purposes. Any discussion of data limitations or weaknesses is in the context of using the IDI for statistical purposes, and is not related to the data's ability to support Inland Revenue's core operational requirements.


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